Royal Blue Reusable Carrier Bag


fabric has been pre-washed
Price includes shipping for all U.S. orders.
Each item is individually handmade for you!

Choose Joy.  Be Kind.  Carry lovely bags, wallets, and pouches.

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no more plastic bags

use reusable shopping bags instead

usually ships within 7 business days*

Looking for a quality bag that is durable enough for books without splitting at the seams,  yet pretty enough to carry as a casual purse?  Look no further.  These bags have serged seams and reinforced handles to ensure the strength needed to carry the heavy stuff.  No need to worry about items ripping and falling through the bottom because there is no bottom seam.

It’s time to replace those plastic bags with reusable bags, especially if they are made just for you by Barbara at bagsYOUtote.  These reusable grocery bags are NOT just for your groceries!  Customers use these handcrafted cloth bags to hold not only their market items, but also to store their scarves and gloves for quick access, as overnight bags, beach bags, gift bags, conference bags, donation bags, book bags. . .  I even had a customer tell me she uses hers as a purse!  

Choose from 6 fabrics to mix and match.
Click here to take a look at all of the pretty reusable shopping bags.

They’re pre-washed to minimize shrinkage.  Wash in cold water and lay flat to air dry.  They may also be put in the dryer but some additional shrinkage may occur.

The size is similar to a paper grocery bag but will hold so much more – see specifications below. Keep them in every car, purse, and home to have them available when needed.

Recommended number of totes for market trips:
Single:  2-4
Couple:  4-8
Family:  8+

Reusable bags of this size and quality usually start at a minimum of $15.00.  My prices range from $7.99 to $9.99.  I pass down the savings to you AND the price includes shipping on all U.S. orders.

Click reusable shopping bags – easy load to see the totes that make it so much easier to for you or the store clerk to bag groceries.  They slide right onto the bag carriers at the grocery store so you can load them up.  Also, take a look at the reusable produce bags and the insulated tote bags to make shopping easier.

Colors:  Royal Blue
Fabric:  cotton duck
Lining:  none
Care:  gentle cycle cold, line dry

Approximate Size – Items are individually handmade, therefore, measurements may vary slightly.
body – 19.50″W x 14.00″H, 7″W gusset (bottom); handles – 12.00″L x .75″W

*(Note: The item with the longest “ships within” days will be used when ordering more than one item.  Only first class and priority shipping are available at this time.  Extended “ship within” days will be noted in the site-wide notification banner.)


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