Headline -creative design process

From discontinued fabrics to modern fabrics, bagsYOUtote incorporates all types of fabrics in the bags YOU tote and accessories.   Because we use high quality upholstery fabrics and upcycle leather for messenger bags and tote purses, our one-of-a-kind and limited quantity inventory is always changing.  We also use lighter weight fabrics for items such as our reusable shopping bags and cushioned bottle bags.

Starting with the  idea phase we begin to develop a new product at the design stage where we create a very raw sketch of the item or a crude model out of paper.

Next, in the pre-production phase we make a preliminary pattern and then a sample of the product out of fabric.  Each bagsYOUtote item begins as a rectangle which we manipulate in size, corners, how it’s folded, inserts, pockets, straps, lining, accessories, etc.

We move on to the production phase I as we handcraft the item in a fabric similar to what will be chosen for final production.  Even at this stage the new item is handcrafted as if it were at the final production stage to sell.  If we decide to change the pattern this item will be categorized as a one-of-a-kind item or limited quantity item depending on how many were made.

Once the product has been finalized then we are in final production phase where we may make a small quantity of the new item for ready-to-ship and have it available for made-to-order.

The Sample Category consists of items that are visually flawed, such as uneven top stitching or a slight fabric imperfection.  These flaws may or may not be noticeable.  The item number ends with “sam” and “S” is on the label.  The functional integrity of the item is not compromised.