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When you purchase from bagsYOUtote you receive genuine bags and accessories worthy of the tasteful individuals that you are.  We are excited that you’ve chosen our items to complement your style.
~Barbara W. Harris
Owner, Designer, Seamstress

Before I created bagsYOUtote I was making my own reusable grocery bags to do my part in decreasing the waste in our environment.  Shortly thereafter,  discovered others who would buy my quality handmade bags in various prints.

Even though I opened an Etsy shop and sold my bags at craft shows and markets, I still treated bagsYOUtote as a way to satisfy my creativity fix.  I get so much pleasure in designing and sewing various bags for you.

So one day . . .

three inspirational events changed the direction of bagsYOUtote from being a self-satisfying hobby to becoming a customer-satisfying, partner-serving business.  I discovered very quickly how saturated the bag market was and had it not been for two key inspirations and one surprise event I would have gotten rid of all my fabrics and equipment I had accumulated over the years. 

First, I had an inspiring thought for my current tag line:  It’s not how heavy the burden, it’s how you carry it.  Along with that came two Bible verses: Matthew 11:28-30 and John 3:16-18 (see below).

The event that propelled me to make the decision to grow bagsYOUtote was a request by the owners of a local boutique olive oil/vinegar store to design a cushioned 6-bottle carrier for customers to conveniently carry their purchases.

The most important thing to know about me . . .

is that I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  He is Lord of every area in my life and my Savior.  Christ inspires me to use bagsYOUtote to serve others.  The tag line and Bible verses remind me to use bagsYOUtote as the “one another community” that the Bible commands us to live – pray for one another, love one another, share one another’s burdens, disciple one another, admonish one another, share with one another, etc.  So, the question I asked myself was, “How can I use this talent of designing and sewing bags to help perpetuate the “one another community?”

I decided that . . .

bagsYOUtote would design, sew, and sell a wide variety of quality, handmade bags from new and up-cycled fabrics providing you with a growing number of choices to coordinate with your personal style. 

The cottage industry concept of employing individuals will help us grow while also helping individuals develop their God given gifts and talents to serve others as we live out the one another community concept.  Because it really isn’t how heavy the burden, it’s how you help someone else carry it.

Now, that is a lot . . .

to accomplish for one person.  I knew it would not be easy and that I would need help and now my sister, Brenda Harrington, has joined me.  I also get support from many Besties, a few coaches/mentors, and of course my customers.

As I had indicated earlier, the bag market is saturated.  Also, developing a connection with potential customers to express a sincere heart and quality products through text and graphics is a difficult task.   However, the reason why I sell bags is just as important as the bags I sell.  It is worth the effort to find those customers who love what I create for them as I help others.

My biggest concern . . .

in growing bagsYOUtote, is not being able to find our customers who love what we create for them – because I KNOW you’re out there.  However, having Christ and coaches/mentors guide me through this process helps me to set those concerns aside and gives me a detailed path to follow.

From the time we released our first product line those who love our products have been finding us and we have been finding you.  We appreciate you!

It's not how heavy the burden, it's how you carry it.

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