Choose joy.   Be kind. 
Carry lovely bags, wallets, and pouches.

Being the steward over bagsYOUtote is about more than just selling bags, wallets, and pouches.  It’s about creating an excellent product, providing exceptional customer care, and being a positive asset to my community.

I am driven by the love of Christ to use the talents He’s given me to serve in this world.  As I design and sew bags, wallets, and pouches I have the opportunity to encourage some basic simple pleasures in life – to choose joy, be kind, and carry lovely bags, wallets, and pouches. 

One of my goals this year (2020), is to encourage you to be kind by including one small complementary share tote bag with each order for you to fill with items that someone may need so that with little effort you will be ready to easily and immediately share it with anyone that crosses your path.

I am excited that you’ve chosen or are considering our items to complement your style and pass along your kindness by lightening someone else’s burden, even just a little.

Barbara W. Harris
Steward, Designer, Artisan
It’s not how heavy the burden, it’s how you carry it.